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Thank you for visiting Dr. Angela's Cosmetic Skin Clinic.


Our founder and physician Dr. Angela Oh Park is board-certified and specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology. 

She completed her undergraduate degree at Washington and Lee University and medical degree at the University of Virginia. After her medical training, she moved back to her hometown where she opened her specialty clinic in 2016. She is also a board-certified family medicine physician. 

Dr. Angela is passionate about creating natural aesthetic results in her clients. An expert in medical procedures, her talents are artistic. She treats wrinkles in the forehead, between the brows, laugh lines and around the eyes. She also treats scars (including acne scars), facial and neck sagging, and other signs of skin aging. The results are night and day, often with no or minimal downtime. 

Our clinic is located in Ridgeway, Virginia. A small practice, we pride ourselves on being able to provide personalized care for our clients. We provide a range of medical skin care and dermatological services including acne treatments, BOTOX, chemical peels, JUVEDERM dermal fillers, and scar removal. 

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